Bridal party posing for pictures outside of Brookshire's Columbus, OH wedding venue

Brookshire Wedding FAQ

As the premier Columbus wedding venue, we know you have questions about our venue, our services, and our support. We’re here to make sure that you have the answers you need. If you have any questions, please feel free and email us directly at

Below, you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions about the weddings at Brookshire, and our facility.

Q: Why Should I Book With Brookshire?

A: The best way to see why we believe so strongly in Brookshire as a wedding venue is to see us in person. Click here or call us today at (740) 548-8188. With our picturesque venue, several customization options, and friendly/supportive service, we’re confident you’ll love your experience with Brookshire.

Q: What is the Minimum Guest Count?

A: We have different minimum guest counts depending on the day of the week. Our current minimums are 85 adults for early afternoon weddings on Saturday and all day Sunday, 95 adults for Friday weddings, and 125 adults for Saturday weddings.  

Q: Do I Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?

A: You do not have to hire your own wedding planner. We are a professional wedding venue that manages every component to your amazing wedding, from the food to the drinks to the music to the decorations. We’ll make sure that you have what you need to enjoy an amazing wedding experience.

Q: Can I Have a Large Wedding at Brookshire?

A: Absolutely. Our space has room for as many as 450 guests. We also have two distinct ballrooms that we open for all weddings of more than 140 guests, creating ample space for even the largest of wedding receptions. For weddings of fewer than 140 guests, our single ballroom still provides ample space, and the second ballroom can be purchased for a small fee.

Q: What if I Only Want the Ceremony at Brookshire

A: Our fee for only the ceremony is $500, plus $2.00 per chair. If you have any supplemental needs (such as flowers or some type of design), please call us for a more detailed quote.

Q: How Much Time is Available for the Ceremony?

A: We provide 2.5 hours for the ceremony. This gives you plenty of time to prepare, let your guests enter, and even take time for photos afterwards.

Q: How Much Time is Available for the Reception?

A: We provide 5 full hours for the reception. Additional hours may be purchased for a very small fee. Between the wedding ceremony and the reception, you and your loved ones will have almost 8 hours to celebrate your love, with more available as needed.

Q: Do You Have a Plan for Rain?

A: Absolutely! We have several rain-dependent plans, and can even talk to you about any specific vision you have in the event of rain on your wedding day.

Q: Do You Provide Dining? What About Beer, Wine, or Liquor?

A: We have a full menu that you can review at any time, along with several choices for those with special dietary needs. We also have unlimited beer and wine available with our packages, and can add liquor for $7.00 per person. Because of our liquor license, however, we cannot accept outside liquor. All beverages must be provided in-house.

Q: Are My Cake, Centerpieces, and DJ Really Included?

A: Of course! They are one of the most important parts of your wedding day, and we wouldn’t be a venue if we didn’t include them for all of our guests.

Q: What About Chairs and Tables?

A: We provide large tables that can fit as many as 12 people, but generally limit each table to 10 chairs. This provides more space for guests to move. To determine how many tables you receive as part of your package, we take the total number of guests, divide that number of 10, and round up. Plus the head table, of course, along with the Altar Table (If applicable), Beverage Table, Buffet (If Applicable), Cake Table.

Additional tables can be purchased for $50. The centerpiece is $40 and the linen is $10. We offer several linens for free at cost, and linen upgrades for nominal fees. Please send any inquiries with the name of the linen directly to Erin at

Q: Can I See What the Ballrooms Will Look Like?

A: Yes! We can send you a room diagram based on your current guest count, so that you can visualize and play around with the seating areas. Or, click here take our virtual tour and download our available sample floor plans.

Q: What Are The Payment Terms?

A: In order to book your date, we do require a non-refundable deposit of $1,000, which will go towards the cost of the wedding. The next payment after the deposit is due one month from the time of booking. You will then be expected to make regular payments up to your date, with the last payment 2 weeks prior to the event.

Q: Are There Any Additional Costs?

A: All costs will be discussed at length before your booking. Some items may be taxed. There may also be a service fee of 20%. We are more than happy to talk about these costs with you.

Q: What if I Have Additional Questions?

A: As the leading Columbus wedding venue, we are here for you. Please click here or call us at any time at (740) 548-8188 with any questions you may have.