Gaze at your new ring a little longer and then focus. It’s time to start planning the wedding of your dreams. One of the first steps is finding the location for the party. Keep these ten questions in mind when choosing a venue for your special day.

  1. What is your budget? The most important part of wedding planning is setting a budget. Keep this number handy as you search for venues. The venue is an important investment in your big day. Consider the price per guest when you are figuring out a budget.
  2. What type of wedding do you want? Are you looking for a space to fit a specific theme? Does the thought of an intimate ceremony by the fireplace make you swoon? What about a lavish outdoor affair? Deciding on the type of wedding you want helps focus your venue search.
  3. What does your wedding package include? Many venues offer a variety of wedding packages. Look for one that fits your budget but still provides convenience. You most likely do not want to “do it yourself” and set up/tear down/decorate/etc. Contact the venue and ask what it includes. Do they have a specific caterer you can use in-house already? What about rentals? Some places even require a certain photographer. Keep information on each location you contact including Brookshire where every celebration includes a DJ, cake, and your centerpieces.  We offer a variety of packages including a simply elegant package that turns your lavish dreams into reality. You can also design a package to fit your special day.
  4. When do you plan to have the big day? Many locations have different prices for weekdays over weekends. Some may even charge differently depending on the season. Choose your wedding date after looking for venues to make sure you choose the right place and not just the right date. Have you considered a winter theme? The Brookshire turns into a memorable winter wonderland in January and February.
  5. How many people are going to enjoy the day with you? As you tour a venue, ask how many people they can accommodate. Write down the information for each space available at a location.
  6. Do you want the ceremony and reception in the same location? Ask the venue if they can accommodate your ceremony and the reception. Find out if there are any time restrictions for arrival and departure.
  7. Do you need a place to get ready on-site? Ask if there are bridal suites available on the property to get ready. If you choose to get ready at home, ask your beloved if he wants to get ready on site. If there are spaces to get ready on site, ask how much time is provided within the package.
  8. Does it meet your accessibility needs? This is important for couples who need a wheelchair or other accessibility. Make sure the ground is flat. Does the location have an available disabled bathroom?
  9. How much customizing can you do to make the space yours? Some locations allow you to decorate to fit the theme of your day. Determine how much you can do within the space for your day. Ask if there are extra costs involved with decorating. Ask if there are certain things you are not allowed to use in the space.
  10. Does the location allow for rehearsals the night before? It’s ideal to rehearse your big day on site. Ask about the rules for rehearsals. See if it costs extra to make changes. You want the space to reflect your day but obey the rules.
  11. Does the location get you excited? This is a personal question for you and your beloved to answer. Take a walk around the location just the two of you. Can you imagine your family and friends enjoying the day there? Does it bring tears to your eyes imagining them at one end of the aisle? Do you have chills as you think of walking towards them? You’ve found your place if the answer is yes. Start getting excited about Brookshire before you enter the property with a virtual tour. The private tour is perfect for the couple who is busy trying to balance life with wedding preparations. As you watch, close your eyes and imagine your big day unfolding.

Every wedding is personal. No two ceremonies are exactly alike. Do not rush your venue decision. It can set the tone of your special day. As you decide on the venue look at its colors. This can help you with your wedding colors.  Please contact us today for more information on our venue. We look forward to turning your dream day into reality.