Weddings at Brookshire: Family Style and Old World Style Entree Options

Formal table setting for family and old world style meal in Delaware, OH by Brookshire

Here at Brookshire, we are very familiar with Family Style eating because of my Italian background. It is definitely old world style. When I was growing up, you were never allowed to leave the table until everyone was finished. That’s right: until every single person had finished! As a child, it felt like sheer agony to sit there and wait. It seemed like I was sitting at the dinner table forever. My main concern was always eating as fast as possible, so I could go back outside and carry on playing hide and seek. Now, I look back with nostalgia and really miss those days. Even now when you go to a restaurant in Italy, the waiter never asks you if you are ready for the check. They value family dining in that part of the world and love to take their time over dinner. They talk, bond, and make amazing memories over their food. Typically, dinner takes around 3 hours. It’s such a wonderful time to share the events of the day and connect with your family.

What Exactly is Family Style?

Family style is a little less formal than a served meal but less casual than a buffet meal. As you pass and share food with family style, it always promotes conversations at your table. Haven’t we all been to a wedding reception where you sit at a table, and no one talks? Where guests don’t make eye contact with anyone? And all you do is very softly talk to the person you came with, hardly saying anything at all? Those kind of events are just plain uncomfortable. Weddings are about love and should help everybody to connect and come together. Family style can do that for you!

Definition of family style

Family Style Service

At Brookshire, we love Family Style. After your guests are seated, our service staff brings the salad bowl and a basket of artisanal bread to your table. It’s time for everybody to pass and share! After you are finished with that, the table is cleared, and your entrée and side dishes are served. We use large platters and bowls. This promotes a relaxed environment where everybody feels comfortable enough to eat and interact. Guests can serve themselves as much as they like, and it’s just like sitting down for dinner at home with your loved ones.

It never fails to amaze me to see how conversations are sparked within the entire table when you are passing and sharing food. Even though we’re all seeing it trending today, I’m happy to say this service has always been available to our guests at Brookshire. Plus, there’s no additional cost! Many places will charge extra for this service. What more reason do you need to have Family Style dinner at your wedding reception?

Family Style dining allows a relaxed environment, control over meals, and encourages those you love to interact. If you like the sound of that, it could be perfect for you!