Weddings at Brookshire: ‘S’ is for Sundays!

Abstract picture of flowers during a Sunday wedding in Central Ohio by Brookshire

When you begin planning for your wedding, you may assume you will schedule a Saturday date. But there are many benefits to planning a Sunday wedding at Brookshire. By planning a Sunday wedding, you will save money and get the wedding you really want.

Why Have Your Wedding On A Sunday?

Because Sundays are generally less in demand, Brookshire offers discounts for Sunday weddings. Many vendors offer discounts for Sunday weddings, so check with any additional vendors you plan to use to find out about potential savings.  Also, at Brookshire, the minimum guest count is lower for Sunday weddings, so you can have a smaller, more intimate, and less expensive wedding.  You are getting the same elegant venue at a lower cost.

Most weddings are usually held on Fridays or Saturdays, so these dates book up fast. If the venue you have chosen is not available on a Friday or Saturday, you don’t have to compromise and go somewhere else. By having your wedding on a Sunday, you can choose to celebrate in the place you really love. In addition, if you are planning your wedding in a short time, by using a wedding venue that offers many amenities, you avoid problems finding vendors or services that aren’t available on a Saturday.

Your out-of-town guests usually need to take some time off of work. For a Sunday wedding, they can arrive Friday evening and head home on Sunday night. Or guests can fly in on Saturday and leave on Monday, both of which tend to be cheaper days when buying plane tickets. Or, if they wish, guests can arrive early on Friday and stay through Monday. People are usually happy to have an excuse to take a long weekend and you can offer your guests a whole weekend full of fun activities with their favorite people.

Your Sunday wedding can be as formal and classic as you wish, but if a black tie dinner and dance is not your style, a Sunday afternoon wedding gives you plenty of more casual options. You may prefer something more low-key and serene. If you wish to forgo the dinner, you could have an abundance of fun appetizer stations and a dessert collection for the reception. Or, if you hold the ceremony earlier in the day, you may even wish to have a brunch reception, which will allow your guests to enjoy all the festivities and still get home at a reasonable time. Finally, holding the wedding earlier in the day may give the photographer more opportunities to take great outdoor shots during the reception!

Many people find that having their wedding on a Sunday actually gives them more time to spend with guests. Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to see family and friends, but it can be difficult to give as much time and attention to your guests as you would like. If the wedding is on Sunday, however, instead of the morning-after brunch, you could host a welcome party the day before. This could either serve as the rehearsal dinner or a festive cocktail party following the rehearsal dinner. On Sunday, guests that are staying over until Monday or guests who want to enjoy company later into the night can continue with an after party, perhaps at the hotel where most of the guests are staying to make it convenient.

No matter what plans you make, it is important to keep your guests informed so that they can schedule time off, if needed, and enjoy celebrating your special day with you. So plan the wedding that fits your style, at a price that fits your budget. For more information on holding your wedding at Brookshire, contact us.