As winter approaches, thoughts turn to the calm of gently falling snow and the warmth brought on by cuddling up with your loved ones. Perhaps your winter will also bring on thoughts of sealing your future with a couple “I dos”, as there is no more magical a season to start your forever, than winter.

Here are some of the best reasons to get married during winter, and the beautiful trends that make these weddings picture perfect.

6 Reasons to Have a Winter Wonderland Wedding

1. Beautiful Winter Greenery and Floral Centerpieces

The Brookshire Winter Wonderland package includes beautiful centerpieces that fit your wedding theme. Many winter weddings highlight white and cream, the brilliant red of holly berries and the more muted cranberries, all with a frost of silver to mimic the sparkle of ice. Dark greens are also popular, with evergreen spruce as a wonderful and fragrant addition. Traditional flowers are also available, and a combination of winter greenery and your favorite blooms can make for a gorgeous combination. Brookshire tailors your centerpieces to your wedding’s style.

2. Delicious Food For the Reception

With wonderful menus for both buffet and family style meals, your reception can feel like gathering in a great hall. Brookshire brings your family and friends together during the winter for a comforting and delightful meal. Our Winter Wonderland package also includes 4.5 hours of open bar for beer, wine, and soft drinks to make sure everyone’s thirst is quenched before they head on to the dance floors.

3. A Variety of Amenities For Events and Photos

At Brookshire, you’ll have access to both ballrooms, a wonderful dance floor, and bridal party suites. One trend in winter weddings is to take a few photos outside, even if it’s a little cold: the photos often make it very clear that romance and family can keep the heart warm even when the snow is falling! Our outdoor patios are available to you for photos or for cocktail hour if guests want to head outside, even briefly. Having a beautiful backdrop for photographs is part of what sets Brookshire’s Winter Wonderland package apart.

4. Classy Luxurious Touches

Many brides choose a wedding dress accessory like a stylish cape or wrap to keep cozy while looking elegant. To continue the luxury, Brookshire will be busy providing all the support staff you need, from a Venue Coordinator to an Event Captain to an experienced catering staff. We’ll also provide the decadent china and gorgeous linens in the colors you select. You’ll feel like a princess at a banquet the entire time.

5. A Perfect Wedding Cake

One of the trends in winter wedding cakes lately has been adding a touch of sparkle with gold or silver icing, or to have a drip cake where the icing slips like icicles down the sides of the cake. Regardless of your preference in winter-wedding cakes, Brookshire provides a cake, cupcake selection, or other dessert that fits your style and favorite flavors. Consulting with our cake designer will make for a sweet finish for the perfect wintry day.

6. Music to Keep Everyone Warm

Whether you prefer a classical mix for your reception or a great dance style, an excellent DJ is an asset for partying a winter night away. The DJ at your Brookshire wedding will work with you on song choice, including special requests, based on an enormous library of options. Tailor your wedding’s music to exactly your tastes, all while celebrating the season.

If thoughts of the upcoming winter include thoughts of sealing your future with a couple “I dos”, check out Brookshire’s Winter Wonderland package for a truly magical experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime.